Oxbridge 2014 meeting

The meeting aims to bring together various groups from Oxford and Cambridge universities to present research relevant to any aspect of volcanology. The meeting will include presentations from a wide range of groups including: Department of Earth Sciences (Oxford and Cambridge); Geography Department (Cambridge); Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics (Oxford) and the School of Archaeology (Oxford). We hope that the  meeting provides a great opportunity not only to get to know each other better but also to present and discuss what different groups in the two universities do.

We have split the conference into two sessions; the first involves longer talks (15 minutes) with time for discussion in between aiming to give a flavour of what the different groups do. In the second session we are keen for all attendees to present for 5 minutes to introduce their topic of research, the aim being not necessarily to present finished research but to talk about what kind of questions you are trying to answer and what techniques you are using. For this second session we ask that presentations be limited to 5 slides only, the session will be set up such that slides will advance automatically after 1 minute (with lots of people talking this should provide an entertaining way of keeping everything to time). At the end of the session there will be a vote and prize for the best short talk.

After the meeting we will head to the Lamb and Flag pub and from there to the White Rabbit pub for dinner.

Arrival, Department of Earth Sciences
Please can all visitors to the department sign in at reception on arrival
Meet and greet lunch RCR (12:00-12:30)
A sandwich lunch will be provided for attendees in the Researchers Common Room (top floor, Department of Earth Sciences)
Session 1, Broad research themes, 15 minute talks (12:30-14:30)
Michelle Parks (Oxford) – 20 years of deformation and gas measurements at Santorini volcano, Greece
Yves Moussallam (Cambridge) – Megacrysts and conduit dynamics at Erebus volcano
Stefan Lachowycz (Oxford) – The influence of ice on eruptive activity at Volcán Sollipulli, Chile
David Neave (Cambridge) – Mixing and degassing processes in the Skuggafjöll eruption, Iceland: Insights from coincident volatile and trace element melt inclusion analyses.
Jackie Ratner (Oxford) – Photogrammetric DEMs: A feasibility study and applications to disaster risk reduction
Coffee break RCR (14:30-15:00)
Session 2, Work in progress, 5 minute talks (15:00-17:00)
Will Hutchison (Oxford) – Silicic volcanism in the Main Ethiopian Rift: a case study of Alutu volcano
Kelby Hicks (Cambridge) – Using UV cameras to monitor active volcanism: a love/hate
Elisa Carboni (Oxford) – SO2 and ash from IASI satellite
Oliver Lamb (Oxford) – Cycles and pauses: Analysis of seismic data from Volcán de Colima and Soufriere Hills Volcano
Eleanor Jennings (Cambridge) – Picrites and ferropicrites from Etendeka, Namibia: Mantle source and crustal emplacement in a continental flood basalt setting
Andrew Smith (Oxford) – IASI to observe volcanic ash using a fast linear retrieval technique
Vicki Smith (Oxford) – Dating sedimentary archives using tephra
Sveta Novikova (Cambridge) – A new look at the volatile budget of Siberian Traps volcanism
Gemma Prata (Oxford) – The relationship between the composition and optical properties of airborne volcanic ash
Michele Paulatto (Oxford) – Geophysical constraints on the emplacement of shallow magmatic reservoirs
Gareth Thomas (Oxford) – Volcanic ash observation using the AATSR satellite instrument
Eve Rooks (Cambridge) – ‘Investigating the evolution of the subcontinental lithospheric mantle of South Patagonia using mantle xenoliths
Ben Reed (Oxford) – The refractive index of volcanic ash and other aerosols; Refractometer measurements employing scattering theory
Martin Airey (Oxford) – Using computer models and analysis of remotely sensed data to determine the characteristics of volcanism on Venus
Meeting summary and prize for best 5 minute talk
Visit to pub (Lamb and Flag), Dinner (The White Rabbit, 19:00)