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Cambridge Volcanology seminars.

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Oxbridge 2015 Meeting

Oxbridge Volcanology Student Meeting

Following the success of our 1 day meeting with the Oxford volcanology group last year, we have decided to repeat the endeavour, this time hosted by Oxford. The meeting aims to bring together various groups from Oxford and Cambridge universities to present research relevant to any aspect of volcanology. We hope that the  meeting provides a great opportunity not only to get to know each other better but also to present and discuss what different groups in the two universities do.

We have split the conference into two sessions; the first involves longer talks (15 minutes) with time for discussion in between aiming to give a flavour of what the different groups do. In the second session we are keen for all attendees to present for 5 minutes to introduce their topic of research, the aim being not necessarily to present finished research but to talk about what kind of questions you are trying to answer and what techniques you are using. For this second session we ask that presentations be limited to 5 slides only.

After the meeting we will head to the pub and then dinner at a restaurant nearby.

More details to follow…


Etna & Aeolian Islands 2012

The first CVG field trip took place in September 2012 to Etna & Aeolian Islands

View of Mt. Etna while departing Milazzo for Lipari on ferry
Geothermal activity on Vulcano crater rim
The team at Vulcano
Yves’s safety trousers turn red in contact with H2S
Never leave without your gas mask
Approaching Stromboli from Lipari by boat
La Dolce Vita!
Looking for a descent place to swim
Strombolian eruption at sunset at the summit of Stromboli
Approaching the summit craters of Mt Etna
On the rim of the NE crater of Mt Etna
Inside a lava tube