Cambridge Volcanology Group

Our mission is to:

  • Undertake pioneering and exciting research into magmatic and volcanic processes and their impacts through integrated field, remote sensing, laboratory and theoretical approaches
  • Provide and support volcanological training and research at undergraduate, postgraduate and postdoctoral levels
  • Interface research activities and our development of advanced volcano surveillance techniques with the volcano observatory community and other end users
  • Promote public understanding of volcanology

Research themes

Research focuses on development of novel volcano surveillance techniques, detailed investigations of individual volcanoes and significant eruptions, fundamental studies of volcano-atmosphere-climate interactions, experimental work on eruption dynamics, and petrological and geochemical studies of the evolution of magmas.

Teaching and research

Undergraduate courses in volcanology are taught in the Department of Earth Sciences (as part of the Natural Sciences Tripos) and the Department of Geography (as part of the Geographical Tripos). Volcanology modules are also available in taught master’s courses such as the MASt in Earth Sciences and MPhil in Holocene Climates.

Postgraduate research in volcanology can be done through the MPhil in Earth Sciences and the MPhil in Geography, but is more commonly carried out through doctoral programmes such as the PhD in Earth Sciences and PhD in Geography.