Lois Salem

loisLois Salem

Mantle- and crust- sourced volatiles in magmas play a crucial role in volcanism through their influence on the rheological properties and buoyancy of magma, phase equilibria and eruption triggering.

I am interested in aligning the chemical processes that affect volatile saturation and crystallisation, with degassing and magma emplacement at basaltic volcanoes – Mt Etna and Kilauea. I investigate major, trace and volatile element chemistry from source to surface by analysing (i) volatile elements in fluid inclusions and shrinkage bubbles in melt inclusions, and (ii) trace, major and volatile elements in melt inclusions, embayments, matrix glass and olivine crystals. I use the geochemical data to model the differentiation processes affecting element concentrations, such as mantle melting, fractional crystallisation, melt mixing, resorption and volatile exsolution. I aim to reconstruct how the resulting gas phase is coupled to the melt, and controls volcanic eruption style.